Tel Aviv Fever is a nonprofit website founded and maintained by Frits De Wit (Israel) and Ed Hofschreuder (Netherlands). We made a JUMP-start on Friday March 19th 2009. Idea and LIVE within a few hours. No lie!



We do have (our own) views on politics and religion, but will not share them with you here. Tel Aviv Fever is about our LOVE for the City of Tel Aviv as a sparkling city full of culture(s) of all kinds: movies, architecture, beach, theater, fashion for instance. Nothing more, nothing less… We hope you will respect that.

We are very serious about what we do, but never without a ;-D (read: BIG wink). Always remember that we’re on a Mission. A Mission from YOU know who. ;-)

Please, Be Our Guest!

Bruchim Haba’im / Welcome!




Frits de Wit is a guide for historic Tel Aviv (architecture), reporter (architectural papers & magazines), New Israeli Cinema (distribution, promotion, production & festivals world-wide). He loves, lives, feels, inhales and embraces Tel Aviv passionately.



Ed Hofschreuder is a next generation librarian, photographer, GPS Passionisto and more… Got his first camera when he was 8 years old, his first pc (386SX) in 1988 and went onto the Internet in 1994. He has made his kilometers in the ‘blogophere’… References available ;-D

He loves and has visited Israel and Tel Aviv more than twice. ;-) The last time he was in Tel Aviv was November 2010, but hopes to get there soon again! But hey, just a librarian ;-)

Feel free to contact us, for whatever you like. Please, leave a comment or send an e-mail through  our contact form!

–>> From Tel Aviv With Love! :-X <<–

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