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  1. Bart
    Bart 23/05/2011 at 18:19 |

    Hi! I think TLV’s Tel-O-Fun is based on Paris’ Vélib rather than on Amsterdam’s “Witte Fietsen Plan”, exactly because the latter was completely free. Tel-O-Fun is exactly the same system as in Paris.
    Only Paris is more expensive, especially if you want to use the bike a whole day long: that’s why I change bike there every 30 minutes, haha.

    Here in Anwerp we will start with the same initiative soon: Velo:

    I cannot wait to use the Tel-O-Fun in two weeks from now! :-)

    1. Ed
      Ed 27/05/2011 at 20:15 |

      HaHa, Bert… As Frits says, you are right… I see it as generations: White Bikes are Generation 0.5, Vélib is Generation 1.0 and Tel O Fun is Generation 1.5…
      And probably Tel O Fun did also take a look on Barclays Cycle Hire (Gen. 1,25 in London and other places and learned about it…

      I envy you that you will use it before I do… ;-)
      Drive safe!

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