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  1. Joyce Oron
    Joyce Oron 22/03/2009 at 17:08 |

    Lovely!… I’m feeling proud to be a Tel Aviv inhabitant…..
    By the way, the story told underneath is about the Shloush family that arrived from Algere, and built the first homes and public buildings of Tel Aviv, among them the famous Gymnasia Herzlia….
    Good luck with the site!

  2. Ed
    Ed 22/03/2009 at 19:06 |

    Thank you for YOUR lovely comment! :-D


  3. Arnold Szmerling
    Arnold Szmerling 22/03/2009 at 19:52 |

    Congratulations on your new site. We look forward to its growth and forthcoming content.
    We share your sentiments and not only love Tel Aviv but all of Israel. We made Aliyah recently and we have hit the jackpot as this country offers what no other country is able!

    1. Ed
      Ed 22/03/2009 at 22:03 |

      Thank you so much, Arnold. We appreciate your support! :-)
      Wishing you and your family a great life in Israel!
      Stay tuned! ;-)


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